Two Federal grants from the Department of Communication Information Technology and the Arts, Visions of Australia Cultural Touring Program were awarded to Melbourne's Living Museum of the West to auspice the research and development of the exhibition.

Between June 1999 and April 2002 the curator Raelene Marshall collaborated with farming communities, special interest groups and individuals, Parks Victoria, The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and Mt Annan and eleven Local Government instrumentalities across Victoria and New South Wales.

The goal was to:

  • tell the story about the multicultural craft of dry stone walling, a craft that contributed to the clearing and shaping of significant parts of the Australian landscape.

  • highlight the desire of a significant number of people to protect a part of our cultural heritage that commenced in the mid the 1800's and remains today as testimony to a time when immigrant artisan skills portrayed the patterns of Australia's early settlement.

  • raise the profile of, and acknowledge the aesthetic, practical and symbolic characteristics associated with a wide range of dry stone walling styles.

  • provide contributors with an opportunity to identify and acknowledge the historical and cultural significance of their of dry stone walls.

  • address the pressing need to capture and tell the dry stone story before time and urban development takes its toll.

  • discuss and raise local, state and countrywide issues such as heritage, preservation, restoration, waller training and environmental issues


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