The project curator Raelene Marshall sought assistance and information from professionals and the public to identity dry stone sites of significance that included sheep dips, sheep washes, garden retaining walls other important dry stone constructions. The research also brought to light a range of modern day dry stone sculptures in public and private garden settings.

A comprehensive questionnaire was designed to gather information from interested parties and volunteer researchers from a range of backgrounds contributed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In addition the services of professional research historian Dr Carlotta Kellaway were invaluable in locating relevant and previously inaccessible information in publications, public records files, Government Instrumentalities and State Library and map. Her historical research and expertise facilitated the positioning of the dry stone wall story within overall context of the history Australia’s settlement.

The research process uncovered written and oral histories, old photographs, farming records and documents, press clippings, poetry and prose together with stories and documentation about migrant craftsmen with dry stone walling skills from Anglo Celtic and European backgrounds. The research continues….

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