An art form, skill or craft, call it what you like!

Dry stone walling has been practised in Australia since the days of early European settlement, the skill brought to us by Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Italian immigrants. Having grown up in the middle of perhaps Australia's best stonewalls, Camperdown, Western Victoria, I can’t help but take notice of their beauty and value.

So great is my interest in dry stone walling that I hope to continue the skills of the past generations. My teachings began in 1996, when I participated in a Dry stone walling course at VCAH, Glenormiston, under the teaching of Mr. Bill Harlock. Whom a great waller, learnt the skills from his forefathers, wallers of the Stony Rises. I continued to work with Bill on a regular basis over the next two years repairing and building new walls under his guidance, also assisting him in teaching the skill

Over the past few years I have continued to repair and construct walls, and have recently spent three months in Scotland honing my skills with Scottish Master Craftsman, Mr. Neil Rippingale. A man whom has the highest certification in dry stone walling, having undertaken major works here in Australia, Switzerland and Canada. All of the above putting me in good stead to continue to the art of dry stone walling.

At stonecraft undertakes works on farms or in the garden, repairing and building new free-standing and retaining walls. I’m prepared to travel anywhere to any job, and for information on costing or availability please don’t hesitate to phone, fax or email.

Contact:      Alistair Tune

Ph/Fax:      (03) 5593 1150

Mobile:       0407 832 227


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