A Stone Upon A Stone
A story about the significant contribution of dry stone walls in the shaping of Australia’s cultural landscape

In May 1999 and again in October 2000 the Australian Federal Government made possible the opportunity to research and develop a Touring Exhibition designed to capture, promote and affect an awareness of the history and cultural significance of some of Australia's dry stone walls.

The research and development process led to:

  • the gathering together of dry stone stories, histories, photographs, maps artefacts and memorabilia

  • locating and photographing a variety of styles and types of dry stone structures

  • a heightened awareness of the tenacity and skills our Early European settlers in clearing and settling an untamed land

  • a clearer understanding of indigenous people's use of the dry stone craft prior to and during the early stages of European settlement

  • the discovery of a variety of dry stone examples in contemporary sculptural and landscape garden contexts

  • significant public interest and support for the promotion and restoration of Australia's dry stone walls for future generations

  • an awareness of the potential for dry stone walls to ‘value add’ to Local and National Tourism ventures

  • an identified need to document, map and facilitate statutory protection of socially and culturally significant dry stone walls

  • the launch of a successful Touring Exhibition in May 2002

  • the establishment of a Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia on July 27th 2002.

  • presentation of the research findings in a paper at the Eighth International Dry Stone Walling Congress in Visp, Switzerland in August 2002

This Website, designed to inform a wider audience, is dedicated to those who assisted, contributed and added their voice. The curator, Raelene Marshall is currently working with others on educational and training projects that arose as a result of issues and participant feedback that emerged during the process.

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