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Warwick Mayne-Wilson
Kiama Study


Corangamite Arts

Jim Holdsworth

Raelene Marshall

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Warwick Mayne - Wilson

Dr Carlotta Kellaway;
Marjorie Cuthbert;
Anne Mullholland;
Rob Wuchatsch; John Aldersea; Robyn Florance; Clare Gervosani: and Olwen Ford.

Corangamite Arts
If These Walls Could Talk - Report of the Corangamite Drystone Wall Conservation Project Corangamite Arts 1995

Friends of Westgarthtown

Research Assistance:
Local Historical Societies;
Wombat Arts - Moorabool Shire.

Melbourne's Living Museum of  the West
Built to Last - an Historical and Archeological Survey of Dry Stone Walls in Melbourne's Western Region Gary Vines 1990

Heritage Victoria

Drystone Wallers:
Geoff Duggan
(UK Qualified)
Alistair Tune
Wayne Coates

Australia ICOMOS Historic Environment Vol V11 2 (1989)
The Drystone Walls of Victoria's Western District:
Rod Mc Lellan
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Australian Multicultural Foundation



Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain


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